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This letter is to highly recommend Fortified Exterior Coating Systems Inc.
My wife and I decided in the spring of 2010 that our home needed a fresh coat of paint. It was getting faded and had many hairline stucco cracks. We began the process of getting quotes to get this job done, and called many other painting contractors. We also heard from another neighbor who had hired Fortified to paint their home. After seeing the job that they had completed for him and how satisfied this owner was, we decided to give them a call.
Logan was happy to give us a quote. He was knowledgeable in what needed to be done, from the preparation to the final application. He was very professional and thorough in his quote. He was also very competitive. Therefore, after reviewing all of our options, we went with Fortified.
Logan gave us a date when he would start the job, along an end date. Not only did he start early, he finished on time. The preparation was intensive. All exterior fixtures, windows, soffits and trim etc… were masked off or removed before the painting began. All cracks were treated so that they would not be visible again. Logan did not take any short cuts during this process.
When the job was done, we went through the job thoroughly. Any little flaws that showed up afterwards were promptly dealt with. In the end, we are very happy with the job that Fortified completed and we are positive that our experience is one that others would also have.

- Mike and Lori Hoenmans

16 Thor Drive, Kamloops, BC
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