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Ravens' Croft Strata of Salmon Arm has been using Fortified Coatings for 3 years now to paint stucco buildings and all trim and doors related to those buildings.  Fortified Exteriors pressure washed everything prior to painting to ensure they were clean.  They used penetrating primer on all of the wood and applied two coats of premium Fortified repair coating to all of the stucco and wood surfaces.  All of the cracks in the stucco and wood disappeared.  Following that they applied a UV protected color enhanced topcoat to all of the surfaces which we were told would make them always look fresh and new.  In preperation for painting, all light fixtures, house numbers, and downspouts were removed.  They masked everything that was not to be painted and ensured everyones' belongings were well protected.  The company was very prompt on coming when they said they would.  When the weather interupted their schedule we were given sufficient notice and an immediate reschedule.  Once they started a building they would finish it without doing other work in between and we felt like they made our project a priority.  Fortified made every effort to ensure we were satisified with the process.  Their quality control went through the project with us to make sure we were happy.  Their crew then returned at the earliest convenience to touch up anything that was missed upon inspection. The first building they did looks the same as the most recent one they completed which is what I was told when I first asked them to quote our project.  I had personally reviewed three other buildings that Fortified had done in Salmon Arm prior to hiring the company and was impressed. We will continue with Fortified for the remainder of our phases

-Gary Cruikshank

Ravens' Croft Strata, Salmon Arm BC
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