The Difference Between Painting and Lifetime Coatings

September 7th 2018

Fortified Exterior Coating Systems is proudly becoming a go-to throughout BC for professionally repairing and updating the exteriors of older houses, and giving them a new life. We have fortified houses in Kamloops, Vancouver, Salmon Arm, Kelowna, Vernon, Williams Lake, and many more. Our work on all substrate surfaces stands out and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Did you know that Fortified Exteriors also offers prompt and competitive exterior and interior painting? We work with the highest quality paint available in today's market. The quality of paint makes a significant difference in how often you will need to revisit the issue of painting in the lifetime of your home.

With lower quality paints, you may need to repaint your home's exterior every 4 - 5 years. Many paints on the market are not flexible, and they will crack and peel as the building contracts and expands with temperature changes. Many paints are not waterproof or UV resistant, and over time a new paint job will lose the battle to the elements of rain and sun!

Fortified Exterior's paint has UV protection that ensures life time color, and is available in any color and sheen level.

Our paint also comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking and moisture absorbed staining. Many of our lifetime coating and painting jobs come from word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers and from paint stores who are familiar with our thorough and efficient work. If you'd like to hear from them, you can check out our references section.

Whether we are repairing and coating your home's exterior, or applying paint to a surface that is not damaged, Fortified Exteriors brings the latest technologies and highest quality materials to the job.

If you are interested in learning more, you can get in touch with us, or schedule a free on-site consultation.