Repairing Wood Siding is Environmentally Conscious

November 7th 2018

Fortified Exterior Coating Systems professionally repairs the exterior surfaces of houses in Kamloops and throughout BC, making the houses look better than new! Our coating systems are effective on all substrate surfaces, including cedar and other wood siding. Cedar is widely used to side houses, as it is quite beautiful and can endure the elements for many years with proper maintenance. But even cedar siding is not invincible, and it will eventually show its age by cracking, warping and fading.

Fortified Exteriors has applied years of research and development to perfecting an exterior coating system that repairs and protects dried/cracked boards to a highly protective finish that is like new. The wood siding restoration process will bring out the natural grain of the siding beautifully. The Fortified treatment is waterproof, ultra violet protected and mold/mildew resistant. We offer this in any color and sheen level. It also comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking and moisture absorbed staining.

How Is Repair of Wood Siding Environmentally Friendly?

Rather than tearing down wood siding only to replace it with composite or hardboard, which would likely end up in a landfill down the road, Fortified Exteriors does our part by keeping the natural and less natural materials out of landfills! A focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly processes are a few of the values that we hold dear at Fortified Exterior Coating Systems. Match these values up with our commitment to using the highest quality materials available in keeping your home’s exterior beautiful, and you get an idea about why we stand strongly behind our work.

We have worked on homes in the following cities around BC, and we’re open to expanding our service area. • Kamloops • Vancouver • Salmon Arm • Kelowna • Vernon • Williams lake

From this list alone, you will notice that our exterior coatings are suitable to the numerous climates and weather conditions in BC, from coastal temperate with high annual rainfall to interior dry with hot summers and cold winters. Our restorative and protective exterior house coatings are the result of our ongoing analysis of new data to bring the most trusted technologies to your door.

Get in touch with us if you have questions about your wood siding, and any other exterior surfaces.