Painting Metal Roofs and Metal Siding

April 8th 2019

Our team at Fortified Exterior Coating Systems is frequently asked if we can use our durable, high quality paint products on metal roofs and metal siding. We answer this with a resounding YES! In fact, we have had excellent results with our exterior paint on metal surfaces. We use a special bonding agent to ensure that our color enhanced topcoats will adhere to any surface, including metal.

Most folks are led to believe that metal roofs are very low-maintenance. This can be misleading, and homeowners may miss rust or faded paint in time to prevent further disrepair. Metal roofs and siding are long-lasting and renowned for quickly shedding rainwater and snow. Regular removal of leaves and other debris, occasional repainting, and dent repair are recommended to extend the life of metal roofs and metal siding.

You will likely notice metal roofs are the norm rather than exception in interior BC communities, especially in areas that experience high snowfall. They are not infallible, however, and can hold snow and ice somewhat precariously in freeze-thaw conditions. Spring is a good time to inspect your metal roof and siding for damage.

The Quality of Paint Is an Important Factor

As with our painting services on other substrate surfaces, Fortified Exteriors uses only the highest quality paint on metal housing surfaces to ensure durability and maximum adherence. If you have a metal roof or siding that needs to be restored, your options for color and sheen level are numerous. We can help you determine what colors would be ideal based on various factors, such as the following:

• Relevant bylaws or other rules that may be in effect in your city or neighborhood regarding house exteriors.

• Climate and temperature considerations – it is more energy efficient to go with darker colors to absorb heat in cool areas, and lighter colors to reflect sunlight in hot areas.

• Colors that are well coordinated with the rest of the house’s exterior and the surrounding area.

• Personal stylistic choice of color that is balanced with home resale value and/or the fact that you and your family will be living with the color for a long time.

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