Hardie Brand Plank Siding for a Smaller Budget

December 6th 2019

Are you looking to add Hardie Brand's durable siding to your home but don’t quite have the budget for it? Fortified Exteriors has you covered.

At an affordable price, you can have your fire-resistant and decorative Hardie plank siding installed. By combining our experience with siding and stucco, we can install Hardie Plank siding to the front of your home then cover the other three sides in stucco or our lifetime coatings. This will provide you with the visual benefits the Hardie’s siding provides to a homes curb appeal but won’t hurt your wallet as much as a full installation.

You may have seen many homes in Kamloops, Salmon Arm, and Vancouver take this approach to their siding! It looks great! Check out the benefits of Hardie siding – even with only part of your home being covered in it:


Hardie sidings looks great. They increase the curb appeal of a home with their clean lines, contrasting colours, and the fact that they don’t degrade like other sidings. They’re easy to clean and will look good for at least their warrantied lifetime of 30 years.

Durable and long term warranty:

These planks can last for a long time. When they’re installed properly, they often outlast their 30 year warranty. Fortified Exteriors makes it a high priority to install Hardie siding properly so that your home can receive its benefits for as long as possible.

Cost-effective and cost-saving:

Hardie Plank siding is great because it reduces the cost of maintaining wood or vinyl siding. When installed properly, you may not need to do anything to it during its lifetime other than to repaint it. Cleaning your siding is normal maintenance for any home, but cleaning Hardie Plank is usually a simple task of spraying it down with the hose.

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