Fortified Exteriors Building Details: Windows, Gutters, Soffit and more...

November 15th 2019

Window, Soffit and Gutter Installation –Harder Than It Looks!

Fortified Exteriors does a high quality job of protecting homes in Southern BC, but did you know that our team’s skills are in no way limited to coatings, siding and paint? When engaging Fortified for your next home or property project, you also get our comprehensive care for the finer details of the job: windows, gutters, soffit, trim, and more!

A little DIY is always tempting. After all, who doesn’t want to save some money and earn bragging rights? However, these projects can not only be time consuming but they can cause extensive (and expensive) damage if not done properly.

Far too often, painting competitors also only provide these services at an extra charge, leaving clients to spend more than anticipated or leave renovations partially unfinished.

The professionals at Fortified Exterior Coatings Systems bring their reputation for value, professionalism and security to the whole of these complex projects. Our technicians will help you decide on the right materials in the right colors with the right installation in order for your home to not only look its best, but to function with a minimum of fuss.

Get in touch with us to discuss the needs of your next project, or schedule a free on-site consultation.